Hear Her

The project ‘Hear her’ is a branding and launch strategy for a legal firm from Netherlands. The brand represents an online legal firm with a female touch. It is aimed at making legal services convenient for females and countering the negative perception consumers express for the legal industry.

BrandMR (the old company) offers tailored legal services. Their newest service of online legal firm was launched recently through which they now focus on B2C market. Their aim is of providing a non-confronting, easy to use platform through online service. The other companies providing online service focus on price and brand themselves as affordable or having fixed price but haven’t been that successful yet.  A new approach is needed which tries to solve the problem that is faced by consumers and matches the needs of consumers and offerings of online service.

Considering Europe, only 4% cases of injustice against women were reported to police and in only 1% cases, lawyers were consulted

“I just don’t feel like some fancy guy in a suit is going to take my side”

Females are usually victims to sensitive cases such as sexual assault, domestic violence and more. Consumer interviews showed that people feel legal industry to be far and aloof. They feel that lawyers are unapproachable due to unfamiliar and formal interaction and language. The consumers try to find lawyers within their personal network by talking to relatives, friends and asking them for legal advice.

Online platforms can cause immediate help accessible to all. Being approachable would help victims more actively speak up. Changing the perception of legal industry as intimidating and distant industry to a service more approachable and specialised, a service consumers look for when searching for law firm can be  beneficial. BrandMR can develop an identity which is simple and honest, in order to avoid misunderstandings or people believing legal help is out of reach - this can further perpetuate the feeling of being in control.

For women seeking legal council, Hear Her offers online services that are approachable and straightforward, while using fixed costs, and gives people the confidence to approach law.

As originally proposed, the online services will remain the same. The online platform will include additional features to make the firm more approach able, accessible and understandable. Person- alised videos of every lawyer will be available on the website and application in order for people to see the lawyers behind the name. Skype meetings will be present with the clients are able to converse with their lawyers in a more flexible manner than that of having to meet in person. The option to meet in person is also expressed which is mainly targeted towards older clients. There will be an overview section where clients are able to see the progress of their case and gain a better understanding of what the next stages are, and how much longer the case will take. This is aimed at the consumer feedback which expressed how people do not understand the legal industry, what their cases entail and often how long this will take. The cost of the services are displayed on the website, without clients having to search for it in order to further emphasize the honest and straightforward nature of Hear Her.


Project members- Zhenja Zheng, Lennart Schut, Kate smith and Animesh Mazire

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