Machine Press

A machine press is a mechanism design for presses that are used in industries to achieve the advantages servo presses at lower costs.  Servo presses combine the advantages of mechanical and hydraulic presses but are costly. A solution is needed which allows customisation and flexibility in machine presses which is relatively low cost. Accordingly, a mechanism was developed which allows multiple strokes in one revolution of primary source shaft and is also flexible such that, it allows various stroke lengths, pressing forces etc. The patent is filed and published in Indian patent office. Application number- 201721046901

Mechanical presses have distinctive advantages such as stroking speeds and accuracy whereas hydraulic presses have their own advantages such as position control and variable stroke length and speed. The servo presses combine the advantages of mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. On the other hand, each one has it’s own disadvantages. Mechanical presses have fixed stroke length and provide maximum force at the end of stroke. Hydraulic presses are slower than mechanical presses and costlier. Servo presses are very costly and need programming. Therefore, there is a need of a design which can achieve the advantages of these types presses at a lower price.

The proposed design gives 4 strokes per revolution of primary shaft. Other modular components of the system such as springs, length of arms allow to have different pressing force, different stroke lengths and fast approach/retract. Increasing number of arms can also give more number of strokes per revolution of primary source shaft. This design allows to have a control over stroke length, stroking force, variable speed and variable stroking angle.

Number of strokes achieved can be increased with the same concept. This way, the advantages of mechanical and hydraulic presses can be achieved with one type press which is purely mechanical in working.

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