Pyropower is a start-up working in the field of clean energy by using biomass. The start-up is working on novel solutions for solving the problem of pollution caused by biomass waste incineration or landfill in industries such as coffee industry, breweries. The start-up develops product/services for these industries. The products make use of pyrolysis principle for generation of biochar (a carbon rich bi-product that can be used as a fertiliser) and heat which can be converted to suitable  energy such as electricity.

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Pyropower is working on a solution for farmers and breweries which burn biomass for heat or landfill the biomass waste. One such case is coffee makers in Indonesia who want to dry and roast the coffee beans. Farmers currently dry the beans under sunlight and then sell the dried beans to distributors. The biomass is left in the farm. I am looking for new business model for the coffee farmers and create the customer engagement, loyalty which is important for Pyropower in the long run.

Indonesia is one of the top coffee producers and exporters in the world. Today, Indonesia’s coffee plantations cover a total area of approximately 1.24 million hectares. The way of coffee drying is still traditional in which the beans or leaves are dried for 3 days by passing hot air and keeping the beans/leaves under sunlight. The crop yield of coffee plantation is less because of less fertilisers. There also is an issue of pricing due to the value chains in the ecosystem of coffee market of Indonesia. Accordingly, there is a need of new product or service which tackles these problems in the ecosystem of coffee market in Indonesia.

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