Seamless mobility- Yanfeng
Innovation strategy | Trend analysis |Road-mapping

How can Yanfeng can provide seamless mobility vision while navigating the future possibilities and problems.

  • Research and analysis: Internal analysis, Market analysis
  • Vision creation, Strategic direction forming
  • Concept development and road-mapping
  • Desk research
  • Value model
  • Design roadmapping- Dr. ir. Lianne Simonse
  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • Designed for Yanfeng Automotive Interiors
  • 10 weeks (Sept. 2019- Nov. 2019)
  • In a team of 4 students from IDE TU Delft
  • Part of Design Strategy Project- SPD coursework IDE TU Delft

Yanfeng is an automotive interior company and in the automotive world, they are known for their quality manufacturing of injection moulded plastics and fabrics. Yanfeng is looking for their way into future of automotive interiors and securing a position in the future of interiors. At the same time, an approach is also needed to reach the position envisioned.


Internal research
External research


Understand vision of company and broaden it to encompass a bigger mission

Concept development

Use value model and critical thinking to develop business model and overall concept


Design a roadmap to achieve the position and vision


Researching the automotive sector has raised questions to the prospects of automotive market as the sales of automobiles are decreasing. Although it can be said that it will never diminish, it is also true that there will be more and more competition automobile companies will be facing.

Keeping a tight focus in automotive interior is major risk to the success of company so we want to broaden the future view of Yanfeng with human mobility as a central mindset. From the trend research, it was decided to focus on evolution of smart spaces.

Stepping out of automotive interiors to grasp the complete world of mobility whilst using Yanfeng’s strength and experience in interior design is the key to this proposal.

Based on the research, company’s requirements and our envisioned future, a vision was created for Yanfeng which will diversify Yanfeng’s business activities, and at the same time, will increase brand visibility. As per the new vision, Yanfeng will design and produce innovative interior solutions for a seamless experience in human mobility. For the purpose, the focus is on public spaces which are changing dramatically over the time.

Horizon 1

First horizon is about creating a space for privacy in public space, as it is a basic necessity for future vision. It is about feeling safe and having a place to rest. Yanfeng will use its existing strength in injection molding and leather for interior solutions at an airport lounge. Suitable partners and market were also discussed.

Horizon 2

2nd horizon is about sensory comfort. The goal is to create a space in which user is engaged in total comfort. This is done through 3D sound, mood lighting, digitalised aroma and interactive fabrics. Needed stakeholders for the business model were also discussed.

Horizon 3

3rd horizon is about packaging the total experience of feeling at home in a public space. This is done by providing ultimate customization of public space by taking input from user’s home through cloud technologies and other partners enabling the same.

From the partial jump to airport lounge interiors, more opportunities in interiors for human mobility will form. With Yanfeng known to the world for its interiors in human mobility in future, Yanfeng will be one of the companies looked towards for answers to human mobility interior related questions.

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