Hi! I am Animesh

I am a strategic designer. I believe design, while creating value, should also serve a greater purpose. This is what I want to work on. To design so that I can address the bigger picture also while creating value.

I am not a believer in single design methodology. Each problem needs a specific approach, which could be a combination of design methodologies as well. So, based on different needs, I suggest different approaches. I am quite interested in systems and exploring how value is generated in the system. Using tools developed at Delft value institute, I make sure suitable value is generated for each stakeholder in the system while designing.

Coming from a traditional rural India, I always believed in deeper connections between businesses and communities. Now, I create strategies, and propositions that help businesses such communities and connect with them on a deeper level.

Apart from work, I love swimming, travelling and trying out new dishes from different places I visit. I enjoy observing people express themselves in different situations. Early morning strolls in a new city are the perfect way to fall in love with the city.

I enjoy trying out new things. Do you have a good story, idea or proposition? Let's connect...

To continue working on the things I believe in, I have started Purposely Innovation, through which I help businesses to design strategy, innovate business models, build sustainable businesses and explore the future to find what it holds for the business. Check it out...

Purposely Innovation
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