Hi! I'm Animesh
A Strategic Designer
I work on
Business Design
Innovation Strategy
New Product Development
Take a look at some of my projects...
Pyropower Europe
Business design | Strategic design|Innovation strategy|Blue ocean strategy

Innovation Strategy and market introduction strategy for Pyropower, a biochar based start-up

Unbox desires- Ford
Innovation strategy | Concept development |Prototyping

How to create unique unboxing experience for delivering an autonomous vehicle in future?

Design roadmapping | Trend analysis | Vision creation

The process of the design of a strategic and tactical roadmap for new business developments

Pyropower India
Context, user research |Business design | Project management

Designing business to solve the stubble burning problem in India using biochar systems

Seamless mobility- Yanfeng
Innovation strategy | Trend analysis |Roadmap creation

How can Yanfeng provide seamless mobility vision while navigating the future possibilities

Cannect- Brabantia
Innovation strategy | Trend analysis | Concept evaluation

Innovation Strategy for the Company, based on a vision and supported by research, design.

Baja SAE India
Automobile engineering| Suspension design|FMEA

Designing, manufacturing and testing an off-road vehicle for sound design and engineering practices

Novel steering system
Mechanism design | Modelling|Patent drafting|Problem solving

A new design of a steering system assembly to achieve maximum maneuverability for a 4 wheeled vehicle

A novel machine press design
Mechanism Design | Modelling|Patent drafting|Problem solving

Designing a new concept for working of a machine press to get more than one stroke as an output in revolution of primary shaft.

What I can do for you?

I work at the intersection of people, business and technology. For the purpose, I have studied and practiced various tools and have experience with multiple sectors related to innovation and new product development. Want to know more about these tools and how I can make use of my abilities for you?

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