With my skills as a strategic designer and a creator, I can help you sketch a future from blank canvas. I want to design socially aware businesses of the future.

My forte is developing the early stages of design cycle, that is, navigating the fuzzy front end of design cycle while developing concrete directions and steps for later stages in the cycle.

Areas I work in

Innovation strategy

Continuous innovation
Disruptive innovation
Vision in design
Blue ocean strategy

Business design

Business model innovation
New product economics
Value modelling
Lead generation


Qualitative and quantitative
Interviews, observations and focus groups
Desk research, policy research,
Context mapping, Customer journeys


Market identification, Product/service visions,
Roadmap stages (horizons) development,
Tactical and strategic roadmap


Physical product- 3D printing, machining, solidworks
Digital product- Figma, Webflow
Graphics- Adobe InDesign, Illustrator

Branding and commercialisation

Target group identification,
Brand DNA, guidelines
Commercialization strategy


Patent drafting,
Finding suitable market


Stakeholder maps,
Delft design, roadmaps

As a strategic designer, my focus in at the intersection of technology, people and business. With my projects, I want to add the 4th dimension to it which is social awareness. Board of innovation came up with the idea of socially aware businesses, businesses that are aware of their impact on their surroundings. Future belongs to those entities which not only believe in something but actively work on it to make it a reality. And I try to develop that position while hitting the innovation sweet spot.

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Do you want to talk to me about something, want more information about a project or you have a project in mind? Let’s talk! I always love hearing stories of innovation and design projects!

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