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Designing business to solve the stubble burning problem in India using biochar systems.

  • Research and analysis: Market research, problem identification
  • Stakeholder mapping, value modelling
  • Revenue modelling, project management, lead generation, documentation
  • February 2021- August 2021
  • Project under NDA, soon to start pilot
  • Team- Pyropower members

As reported by BBC, stubble burning has been a major cause of air pollution in Northern India. Every  year farmers from Punjab and Haryana state of India burn the leftover stubble in the farm to clear soil for next crop. This cause huge air pollution in the state as well as the smoke clouds travel as much as 250 km to reach national capital Delhi and add to the toxic haze. Pyropower aims to introduce biochar systems for contributing to stubble management.

Biochar systems and biochar

Biochar is a carbon rich compound, a product of pyrolysis of biomass. As biomass is pyrolysed, carbon is stored within the biomass, in solid form, thus making biochar a carbon negative solution. The biochar then has multiple applications, one of which is mixing in the soil to improve its yield. Thus biochar is a trusted way of carbon sequestration as carbon remains in the soil for many more years to come. Biochar systems is a combination of different sectors that complement each other to produce biochar. Biochar systems address waste management by using bio-waste as input, address energy sector by producing heat energy, generate carbon credits and produce biochar as a valuable output. Implementing biochar systems usually benefits these 4 sectors.


What is the project,
Who are involved,
Initial research,
Initial plan

Define problem

What is the real problem faced by farmers in Haryana considering stubble management

Ideal solution

What can be the ideal solution for stubble management considering biochar systems

Trade off

What can the feasible solution to solve stubble management problem and a viable option for Pyropower

Value mapping & business modelling

Which other actors are needed to build the business?
What is the value exchange between the actors
Business model canvas

Project planning

Project setup, lead generation, activity planning, documentation, gantt charts

The project is currently under NDA. Please get in touch with me for more information on the project.

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